Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren
Siren leaning
Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren played by Sarah Ransom
Some attributes
Name Nicolette Mace
Alias The Raven Siren, Little Sparrow
Occupation Private Investigator
Other attributes
Parents Laura Moore & Arthur Mace
Siblings Louise Mace
First Appearance Beginnings: Beginnings Part 1
Last Appearance Legacy
Allies Frederick J. Barlow, Harry Lee, Larry Carrington, Rick Clegg, Joe Dawson
Enemies Kevin Metis, Derek Long, Bob Davies, Alfie Dennis, Ryuu Blade, Sykes, Louis Davies, Joe Davies
Love Interests Dr Mark Lees, Matthew Devon, Frederick J. Barlow
Spouse/s Frederick J. Barlow
Children Lily Barlow, Rose Barlow

" Siren had more important things to do than waste her time with you, like going fishing, watching paint dry, trying to teach an old dog new tricks, watching Dawson’s Creek…"

Nicolette Mace is the protagonist of the Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren franchise.

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Early Years and EducationEdit

Born to Laura Moore and Arthur Mace, Nicolette is the youngest of their two children. Her sister, Louise Mace, is two years older. After the suspicious death of her mother, Nicolette was raised by her father, Arthur.  Her education is sparse at best. Her attendance at school was sporadic due to her finding the life her father led far more interesting than sitting in a classroom.

Her attitude whilst in school also left her feeling ostracised from her classmates. Despite this, her natural intelligence and watching her father work mean that she is more than suited to her chosen career path in private investigation.

As a young child she also witnessed her mother's death. She is said to have wandered into the middle of a gunfight between two rival gangs and been killed in the crossfire whilst Nicolette watched.


Nicolette's original alias was 'Little Sparrow', a nickname given to her by her sister. She was listed as the business partner of Louise under the alias when she was eleven years old. At the age of 14, after the death of her father and sister, Nicolette adopted the name 'The Raven Siren' as her new alias claiming she was in fact 16 to avoid being taken in by social services. Due to a lack of officially registered information (a lot of it is said to have been deleted), no one was able to prove she wasn't 16.


Siren has been hardened by all her life experiences making her cold, sarcastic and unwilling to forge meaningful relationships with people. When she finds she is getting too close to people she tries to push them away, despite this she does manage to maintain a level of friendship with Fred Barlow and even admits to loving him.

She is also unable to accept help from anyone. When help is offered, depending on who hs offered it, it is generally rejected out of hand. Her compulsion to seek revenge is also well documented. She tends to not care about other people or issues until there is some form of injustice committed that motivates her to action.

Siren also has a unique way of asking questions when she wants information that others don't want to part with. This involves inflicting the maximum amount of pain with a minimum usage of bullets. Alfie Dennis is often the victim of Siren's questioning techniques and the person she also seems to despise the most.


The romantic ideal of a private investigator seems to have been etched into her mind by both her parents from a young age, Siren often references fictional detectives such as Phillip Marlowe when she is describing her life as a private investigator.

Her main influences seem to be her father and his rival and sometimes business partner, Danny MacDonald.

Character Influences in literatureEdit

Heavily influenced by the writings of James Ellroy and Raymond Chandler as well as Japanese Anime Cowboy Bebop; she is a strong female figure wearing old stereotypes and finding that none of them fit into life the way that they should. Influences from Asian cinema from Casshern and Lady Vengeance can also be seen.


  • Beginnings: Beginnings Part 1
  • Beginnings: Beginnings Part 2
  • Beginnings: Beginnings Part 3
  • Kevin Metis Saga: Backtrack
  • Kevin Metis Saga: The Shortest Day
  • Kevin Metis Saga: Deceiving Appearances
  • Kevin Metis Saga: The Streets of the Living
  • Derek Long Saga: Dire Wolf
  • Derek Long Saga: Red Rag
  • Derek Long Saga: Epic Struggle
  • The Lily & Rose Saga
  • Legacy
  • Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 1
  • Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 2
  • The Case of Mrs. Weldon
  • Hunting the Priest Killer



"My name is Nicolette Mace, though the city knows me as the Raven Siren. I'm the youngest private investigator most people have ever come across. I've been in hospital more times than I have been in a school class room. I was playing with guns when I was four years old; I knew how to drive cars at seven. I've spent most of my life running around the toughest and meanest streets this city has to offer and they haven't found something that can kill me yet.

I am Nicolette Mace, I am the Raven Siren and nothing is going to stop me from taking my revenge."

- Nicolette Mace - Beginnings Part 3


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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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